City of Cape Town: GRANT-IN-AID 2012/2013

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Request for applications for funding

The City of Cape Town ’s Tourism, Events and Marketing Department is inviting applications for funding from arts organisations/institutions within the municipal boundaries of the City.

This funding programme supports the City’s five key pillars: the Opportunity City , the Safe City , the Caring City , the Inclusive City , and the Efficient City .

Applicants should be realistic when drafting their proposals as funding is limited and, therefore, budgets should be presented on a project basis for aspects as determined in the Allocation of Section 67 Grants Policy.

Applicants should be registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO, NGO, Section 21, trust, etc.). Organisations should take note of our Allocation of Section 67 Grants Policy. 

The proposals should be project-based and:

·       Focus on relevant issues within communities - youth development, substance abuse, cultural diversity, gender equality and disability

·       Have a strong training and development component

  All applicants must have a proven track record.


Supporting documents should include:

·       Proof of bank details

·       NPO certificate

·       Tax clearance certificate

·       Latest municipal rates account, and

·       Latest audited financial statements

  All documents must be certified.


Applicants must use the prescribed application form, which is available at our office on the 14th Floor, Telkom Tower, Standard Bank Centre, Hertzog Boulevard , Cape Town or can be downloaded from or by contacting Natalie Harper on 021 417 4101. The original form should be submitted – no photocopies, faxes or e-mails will be considered.  

The completed application forms should be hand-delivered to our abovementioned offices by no later than 16:00 on Friday, 18 November 2011 .


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